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2008-10-14 23:49:52 by MOCK200

i have absolutely no idea how to make or send a flash video......HELP ME OUT HERE....i feel so lost


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2008-10-15 00:24:00

ok look up at where it says game movies series ect. now right above forums and store it will say submit content. there are for choices to choose from(flash movie, flash game, music ect.) choose one and fill out the information and send. by the way i havent actualy submited anything yet. also to make one just by an animating program, but i warn u they r expensive!!!

please come check me out and comment


2008-10-15 00:24:10

I recommend either searching the internet for tutorials or buying a book to learn flash basics.


2008-10-15 18:43:10

lol its easy i bookmarked the page when i got to it hey anyone have any svp things i NEED ONE TO SUBMIT